Here are other scooters we have restored in the past two years.

"Burgundy and Blueberry Wine"
Our first non-Honda scooter was the Dark Purplish Red Cocktail 2005 Yamaha YJ125 Vino 125.
That started a sub-interest in 125cc and larger scooters. We like to have
both kick start and electric start, and Honda doesn't make any 125 scooters
with both that are sold in America. We built a top box mount and glove box
and installed a factory windshield. Six months later, we bought the 2008
Deep Purplish Blue Metallic 2008 Yamaha YJ125 Vino 125, and also built a
top box mount and installed a factory windshield as well.

Our next scooter was this Pink Genuine Buddy 125.
We added the Soft Italia Vega pink top box as part of the restoration.

"Express Delivery"
Our next scooter was this 2000 Peirspeed Delivery 150.
We cleaned it up, fixed the speedometer, and kickstarter and got it running
right with the correct main jet. It is very handy for shopping and can
hold 4 case of diet cokes.

"My Bubu"
This is our 2003 PGO BuBu 125.
We repaired the ignition switch and fixed a couple of cracks in the fuel
tank, and now it is one of our favorite scooters to ride.

This is our 2009 Genuine Buddy 50. It is one of our favorite scooters.
We started looking for a Buddy 50 after our return from Bermuda, where we
rented a PGO Ligero 50 for a day. The Genuine Buddy is a rebranded PGO Ligero.
This is the limited edition international St. Tropez model.

This is our MP-150F-JCL.
It essentially a rebranded Xingyue XY150ZK. They were also sold as Automoto,
Vogue, and various other brands. We bought it as a basket case, and sourced
parts for it from around the world.

We finished restoring this 2009 Genuine Buddy International 150,
but are still looking for an original Maxxis 100/90 - 10 whitewall tire
for the rear. The color scheme is called "Italia".

Our last (as of today) non-Honda scooter is this 2007 TGB Sunset 50.
We have a TGB accessory basket on order from the UK.

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