Honda Scooter and Motorcycle Page

Our first Honda scooter was this 1984 Honda NN50 Gyro.
That started a several year hobby of buying basket case scooters and restoring them.

"Blue Belle and Old Red"
Our next scooter was the blue 1984 Honda NB50 Aero.
The red 1983 Honda NB50 Aero was added about a year later.

"Spree #1, Spree #3 and Spree #4"
Our next scooter was the Black 1986 Honda NQ50 Spree.
The pair of red 1987 Honda NQ50 Sprees were added about a year later.

"Miss Monroe and Zorro"
Our next scooters were this pair of 2001 Honda SA50 Elite SRs.

"Road Fox"
Our next scooter was this 1986 Honda TG50 Gyro.

"Checkers (2004), Solar Wind (2005), Goth Vader (2008), Casper (2009)"
Next, we started a collection of Honda four-stroke scooters.
We bought each of these Honda CHF50 Metropolitans one by one over the course of a year.

We took our Honda MB5 to the True Grits fun run in Suches, Georgia in 2016
and 2017.

"Warrior Woman (Red 2009) and Mad Max (Black 2005)"
We bought these two Honda NPS50 Ruckuses a couple of months apart.

We bought this Honda NS50F, restored it, and are now riding it regularly.

We just finished restoring this 1984 Honda NN50 Gyro. We made two into one
and still have another mostly complete red Gyro for a future project.

Our Honda dealer received two 2019 SuperCubs this week so we bought one.

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